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Interest Growing in Mobile Point-of-Sale

Guest Blog By Dana Warszona

The evolution of retail has hinged around the ability to buy and sell goods in the most efficient way. Today, it’s all about consumers and ensuring their shopping experience is engaging, seamless and convenient. Shoppers have higher expectations and retailers must find ways to continue improving customer service in the store – especially during peak periods. In response to this demand, retailers are deploying mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology as a strategy for improving customer satisfaction and streamlining in-store operations.

Motorola Solutions conducted a survey among the retail, hospitality and field service industries that revealed the interests and experiences with the use of mPOS. The results illustrated that retailers are beginning to embrace mPOS as a means for delivering increased customer service and payment convenience, while gaining opportunities to close the sale. For example, 71 percent of retailers surveyed indicate an interest in mPOS and are using or planning to use it to improve customer service, inventory management, pricing and merchandise returns applications.

Additionally, mPOS provides retailers with the opportunity to potentially eliminate the high cost of traditional cash registers and accept customer payments from anywhere in the store. This not only reduces customers’ time spent waiting in line, but also decreases time they might spend pondering their purchasing decision. The result is an improvement in the bottom line, because retailers are in a better position to close the sale. Below are a few other key findings from the survey:

  • Sixty-six percent of retail respondents are interested in mPOS, while 42 percent of retail respondents are currently piloting or starting trials within the next 36 months, and the majority is focused on using mPOS for sales associates on the store floor or line-busting.
  • In December 2011, Motorola’s holiday shopper survey found that one-third of store visits ended with an average of $125 unspent due to missed opportunities to purchase. The survey also found that inefficient payment processes were one of the leading contributors to those lost sales. More than 43 percent of shoppers agreed that their shopping experience improved when store associates used mPOS devices.
  • Sixteen percent of surveyed retailers currently have an mPOS solution deployed, while less than 9 percent have completely mobile checkout systems.
  • On average, retail respondents anticipated replacing more than 36 percent of their fixed POS as a result of migrating to an mPOS

Shopping today is truly becoming an interactive experience. The retailers that embrace connectivity and engagement will be those that win the hearts and wallets of shoppers.

Dana Warszona is the senior marketing manager of retail solutions at Motorola Solutions.

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