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It is Good to Give Gift Cards

If you haven’t seen this yet, you may want to take notice. According to GiftCard.com, not everyone sees gift cards as a lazy and thoughtless approach to gift giving. In fact, the GiftCard.com Holiday Gift Card Spending Report reveals that giving of gift cards during the holiday season is becoming more accepted and prevalent, and spending on gift cards is expected to go up this year.

Among the report’s findings:

  • 49.6% of consumers plan to purchase at least one gift card this season
  • More than 40% say they always or almost always pre-plan gift card purchases
  • Only 15.6% purchase gift cards as a last-minute option
  • Average consumer spending on gift cards is $26.40
  • Selection and personalization ranked as “very important” factors when looking for a gift card
  • 14.2% of consumers rank personalization as the most important feature for a gift card
  • 21% of consumers plan to spend more than last year on gift cards
  • Most consumers typically purchase gift cards at grocery store displays or specific stores and restaurants
  • 13.1% of consumers purchase gift cards online; 4.7% purchase from their mobile device
  • 38.5% rank gift cards as their favorite or usually favorite gift to receive

“Gift cards, for most, are an essential part of the holiday shopping season,” said David Jones, CEO of GiftCard.com. “Not only do they make excellent gifts for everyone, from the hard-to-shop-for relative to a holiday party hostess, but they save time and effort in an already busy season.”

Sure, GiftCard.com is biased when it comes to gift cards. After all, it prides itself on being the “one stop shop for everything gift card.” But that doesn’t mean GiftCard.com is wrong. Seems to us that gift cards really can be the perfect gift around the holidays.

When you can’t decide on the perfect gift for someone, one of those prepaid gift credit cards, or a gift card to a favorite store or a nice restaurant, is something that says, “Go treat yourself to something special on me.” Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on those gift card purchases this holiday season.

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