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Marketers Must Blend Print and Digital to Reach Today’s On-the-go Consumer

Guest Blog by Suzie Brown

Deals and savings are now a part of consumers’ regular shopping experience as they seek savings from multiple sources and digital deals continue to evolve. They are gaining attention in the media and among consumers as interest in deal seeking remains strong. Just as consumers are exploring new ways to get a deal, marketers also are testing various methods to attract today’s shopper. There will continue to be a blend of traditional and new media as consumers seek value in planning their purchases.

According to the NCH Marketing Services Inc. Coupon Facts Report, consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers used the free standing insert to distribute the largest volume of all their coupons in 2012, increasing the media’s share to 90.1% of the 305 billion coupons issued. Marketers continue to experiment with the audience reach and scale potential of various digital media.

Tablets and smartphones are changing consumer behaviors by adding greater freedom, portability and personalized experiences as users simply tap to get email, news, information and entertainment on demand. As the digital world moves with speed, marketers are continually challenged not only to stay abreast of this changing media environment but also to get ahead of it.

Consider this:

  • U.S. adults are spending one-third of their media time with digital (Scarborough multi-Market August 2012);
  • 70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour  (Mobile Marketer, June 2012);
  • 14% of U.S. adults own a tablet today– up 400% in the last 12 months (Nielsen, Jan. 2012).
  • Beyond print-at-home, paperless coupons are being made available via retailer websites to download offers primarily as a feature of a retailer’s loyalty card program. In some cases, these offers are targeted to consumers based on their shopping behaviors and opt-in interests; and
  • All paperless vehicles combined, including mobile, have grown to represent a little more than 1% of all coupons redeemed.

The traditional path to purchase was linear and brought the consumer from awareness to action one step at a time. Depending on the business objective, media choices were clear-cut. Today, consumers are in control and their media habits, which are changing at a remarkable rate.  The once linear path to purchase has evolved requiring that advertisers use a mix of media to stay both visible and relevant throughout the consumers varied decision making cycle/matrix. Valassis has a proprietary advantage of delivering targeted, print and digital solutions to engage consumers at every point along the path to purchase.

For years, we have heard that the consumer is king, and this rings so true today. Marketers must rethink the ways they understand and activate this value-centric consumer. Shoppers now choose how and where they want to receive their advertising, and for that matter, what they receive. A dynamic integrated media plan with traditional and new media provides high visibility, flexibility and efficiency for both national and local campaigns, and delivers value where consumers plan, shop, buy and share.

Valassis is Re-Imagining Reach for the way today’s consumer plans, shops and purchases, providing clients with a means to reach consumers both offline and online. Advertisers need to incorporate a blended approach of both traditional and digital promotions to reach and activate today’s deal-seeking consumer.

Suzie Brown, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Valassis, has more than 25 years of industry experience in media, advertising and consumer promotion. Valassis is a leader in intelligent media delivery, providing over 15,000 advertisers proven and innovative media solutions to influence consumers wherever they plan, shop, buy and share. 

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