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Retain More Customers and Reach New Clients with Mobile Shopping Apps

Guest Blog by Saeed Sikiru

With the increase usage of mobile gadgets with built-in web browsers in them, there’s no better time to go digital than this era. Your products catalog may no longer be as effective as it used to.

According to studies gleaned by eMarketer, mobile shopping apps may have some influence in your relationship with your customers. Additionally, mobile device users revealed that utilizing a shopping app enhanced their relationship with their favorite brands. And most of them liked the brand even more after using a shopping app.

In another research by Flurry, consumers spend more time on retailers’ mobile apps comparing prices, discovering new products, daily deals, and making purchases. Furthermore, one out of five mobile users confirmed they would download a shopping app on their mobile device in order to get acquainted with a brand.

This indicates that mobile device users utilize apps for discovering products. Instead of visiting a brand’s website or a nearby store, they prefer to download a brand’s mobile shopping app to examine its products or offers. In a nutshell, mobile shopping apps now serve as catalogs.

The Benefit of Developing a Mobile Shopping App for Your Business

Companies that have developed mobile shopping apps have been able to retain lots of their customers. This is because they keep their clients updated with new and relevant offers via their mobile apps. And customers have demonstrated their loyalty through purchases made directly from their shopping apps.

Factors to consider before developing mobile shopping apps

Now that you’re aware of the power of mobile shopping apps in retail business, it’s about time you consider developing one for your business.

The first step to developing mobile shopping apps is to understand your target audience, what they want, and the technologies that they like, and how best you can offer them a good user experience.

One way to achieve this is by identifying the outlets that your customers are likely using, and taking the time to explore these platforms to gain an understanding of each user experience.

Another simple but effective way is to emulate your competitors. You can download their mobile shopping apps on your mobile gadget and familiarize yourself with it. Based on that, you’ll be able to come up with ideas for your own shopping apps, and even improve some areas that you think your competitors have flaws.

Additionally, discussing your goal with mobile application developers will help you gain lots of insights from them. Being professionals in application development, app developers are idea for offering valuable advice to achieve your overall goal.

How to promote your shopping apps after creation

With millions of apps available for download out there, it can be extremely difficult for new mobile apps to gain footing after development. Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can use to make your new mobile app spread like wildfire. The following are a few ways you can promote your new mobile apps.

Make your apps available on apps stores, promote them on your social media outlets, and encourage referrals through your clients. According to a survey of mobile apps users, 42% said they usually discover new shopping apps at their favorite apps stores. 37% also said that they hear about new apps from friends who have utilized the apps before. Furthermore, social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are proven to be powerful tools for promoting new mobile shopping apps.

In this technology driven era, relying so much on traditional product catalogs for promoting your products and new offers may affect your sales tremendously. With the increase usage of mobile gadgets for doing almost everything in our lives these days, mobile shopping apps are the new tools for promoting products and new offers. And retailers who are using shopping apps are already reaping the benefits.

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