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Tips to Ensure Your Brand Promotion Weathers the Season

Guest Blog by Jodi Sawyer

In planning your seasonal promotional campaigns, you, as a brand owner, are well aware that creative and implementation planning must begin well before the actual ‘holiday season’ arrives. Your successful Yuletide promotion was probably on your drawing board well before the beginning of July. However, have you considered how environmental conditions may impact the life of the promotional graphic? For example:  Installation temperature, location of the graphics (indoors or outdoors), the end-use application surface (windows, walls, floors, carpets, shelves, counter-tops), and the challenges that the graphic materials will need to endure. By considering these factors, your graphics will stay eye-catching and vibrant through the duration of your campaign.

By collaborating with your print-service provider and media-provider in the initial planning and design phases of your seasonal campaign, it will help ensure that you can handle any application challenges such as proper installation temperatures, heat and humidity variations, local sign ordinances and others.  By incorporating installation specifications during the planning stages, your promotional campaign will shine wintertime, summertime – anytime.

Here are five tips to ensure your brand promotion weathers the season:

  • Take into account the environment. For outdoor advertising and promotions, consider the various climates where your promotion will be implemented and know what environmental conditions your campaign will have to stand up against. This can be extreme heat in the summer or freezing temperatures in the winter. The promotional materials need to withstand certain conditions–which may span all four seasons–or may vary across regions.
  • UV exposure – know where the graphics will be placed, the expected life of the graphic, ink color and saturation – all of these factors can impact the material performance.
  • Removability.  Consider that promotions will likely be changed in a few months’ time. While you want to select the film and adhesive solutions that will last, you also need to consider the removal process. Leverage removable adhesive products that are easily removed without leaving adhesive residue behind. Surfaces vary, so the selection of adhesive is crucial to a graphic application’s success.  For example: A low-tack removable adhesive is ideal for interior wall borders and small- to medium-format decals. It offers initial repositionability and clean removability for a period of six months or less.
  • Consider the space and surface. Think about how you can visually transform an entire store aisle, taking the shopper-engagement experience to a new level. Consider using thin-gauge, full-coverage floor graphic films (clear, white opaque, silver and brushed silver underlaminates). In addition to branding elements, these films can use printed textures to create environmental effects, like grass, wood, rocks and water.
  • Durability.  Consider whether there will be heavy foot traffic in a busy retail area. A durable overlaminate for carpet graphics can resist heel punctures, reduce lifting and deliver improved printing clarity compared to the thinner-gauged overlaminates.

With these tips in mind, brands can be sure to help make their products stand out against the competition whatever challenges the seasons may bring.

Jodi Sawyer is a Market Development Specialist with FLEXcon

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