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First Impressions: Changing Your Storefront can Increase Walk-ins

Guest Blog by Ryan Gavin

As a small business owner, how often do you look out front and notice people walking by without even looking? Potential customers walk by daily and don’t even give you the chance you deserve. First impressions are everything. Window shopping hasn’t gone away yet, and it’s still an important element of attracting customers. You can’t make passersby come inside your business, but you can catch their eye.

Modern storefront windows, possibly with a catchy logo or message, are your best chance for making a mark on passersby, who will judge your business in a split second. Compare yourself to the neighboring businesses. Keep in mind the idea is to stand out from them. If their storefronts are repulsive, you have to look normal. If their storefronts are average, you have to look above average. Commercial windows have many benefits other than just standing out. Whether you have a small store or a huge building, your business will be represented as more professional, and the more professional the better. Shop owners often think that their store will sell itself and that signs can grab the attention of any potential customers and pull them in. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Without that professional appearance, you won’t appeal to your customer base. However, if you do grab their attention, your sales can significantly increase.

Commercial storefront doors and windows increase curb appeal. Storefronts can come in many shapes and sizes. Custom storefronts would be the way to go for this one. Choose one that matches your personality, and that of your business type. For example, shop owners should focus on nice strong and attractive glass. Choose a frame design and material that isn’t too overpowering of what the window is showing, but something that pulls their attention off of the sidewalk. The right storefront can make all the difference in catching the eyes of passersby. Besides the interior design you may need, these exterior appearance changes can reduce the number of people who walk by without a second thought.

Why Even Bother With Renovations?

What’s the point of going through the trouble just to catch the eye of a customer? Put simply, a customer can turn into a loyal shopper. A new storefront can increase your business’ potential customer base, leading to an increase in sales and overall profit. Many small business owners don’t realize the value of their business’ appearance. Once the customer makes it into your store, it’s up to you to make the sale and convert them from a customer to a loyal shopper. Keep in mind: The first impression of a building is a major component of making a sale, so make sure yours is a good one.

Ryan Gavin is an associate of Aeroseal Windows & Storefront

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